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Johnny Came Home After Playing

Little Johnny came home after playing with his older friends.

His friends kept using dirty words and making jokes.

Johnny laughed, but he never understood what the words meant.

He walks over to his dad and asks:

“Dad, what’s a h**ker?”

The dad, taken slightly aback by the bashful Johnny, decided he did not want Johnny to know that kind of language yet. So he replies.

“Well, son, a h***ker is a bicycle.”

“What about f***king?” Johnny replies.

“F***king is the same thing as pedalling.”

Johnny thinks for a bit. “And a c****dom?”

His dad furrows his brows slightly.

“A c***dom is a bicycle chain. Say, you should probably go to bed soon, you have school tomorrow.”

Little Johnny obeys and goes to sleep.

He wakes up the next morning plenty of time to go to school.

Despite that, he still ends up 20 minutes late for his first class.

“So, Johnny”, his teacher starts talking,

“Why are you so late for class?”

“Well miss, I jumped on my h***ker and started f***king really hard, but on my way here my c****dom fell off four times.”


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