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Three men were playing golf

Three men were playing golf.

The course was a wicked dogleg with a large water hazard.

The first man stepped up to the tee and hit a sharp slice into the water hazard.

He walked up to the water; it parted and he lofted his ball within one foot of the h*le.

The next man stepped up and hit the ball.

Sure enough, he sliced it so that it landed on top of the water.

He walked across the surface of the water and and hit the ball within six inches of the h*le.

The third man stepped up, hit the ball, and sliced it.

The ball was just about to land in the water when a trout jumped out of the water and grabbed it in his mouth.

An eagle swooped down, scooped up the fish, and flew off.

As the eagle banked over the green, lightning struck it, it dropped the fish, the fish dropped the ball, and it landed in the hole for a h*le in one.

Moses turned to Jesus and said, “I really hate playing golf with your Dad.”


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