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The British, the Camel and the Meal

Three English men were walking through a desert.

They were tired and thirsty but most of all hungry.

Soon, they came across a nomad with about two camels, one alive and one very much dead.

The nomad said “Hey there, you guys look hungry” The three men all nodded.

“I tell you what, I was about to start eating this camel.

I’ll share it with you” The three men soon started arguing about who gets what when one of them chimes in with a “Alright guys, how about this? Whatever football team we support dictates what part of the camel we can have.”

So he goes “Well, I support Liverpool.” So he got the liver “I support Hartlepool.” said the second man.

So he got the heart.

The last guy said “I support Arsenal but I’m not hungry.”


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