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I was sitting in my office when a case came in. So I finished two bottles from it.

Suddenly a tall blonde walked past my window.

I knew she was tall because I was on the second floor.

The phone rang and I knew something was wrong. I didn’t have a phone.

It was a girl and she was in trouble. I knew she was, ’cause she said so.

I raced down the stairs and called a cab. The cab stopped with a jerk.

Then the jerk got out and I got in.

We took the corner at a hundred miles per hour, but a cop stopped us and told us to put the corner back.

Then we were out of the city. I knew it, because we were not hitting so many pedestrians.

As we came to her house, she greeted me with a burning kiss.

Then she took the cigarette out and kissed me again. She had the most beautiful blonde hair I have ever seen – hanging from her left nostril.

She had teeth like the ten commandments – all broken. She also had the most beautiful eyes – so beautiful that the one eye could not stop looking at the other one.

Suddenly a brick came flying through the window and hit her on the left brst – breaking three of my fingers!


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