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A Great Actor


There was once a great actor, who had a problem.

He could no longer remember his lines.

Finally after many years he finds a theatre where they are prepared to give him a chance to shine again.

The director says,”This is the most important part, and it has only one line.

You must walk onto the stage carrying a rose, you must hold the rose with just one finger and your thumb to your nose, sniff the rose deeply and then say the line… ‘Ah, the sweet aroma of my mistress.’”

The actor is thrilled.

All day long before the play he’s practicing his line, over and over again.

Finally the time came.

The curtain went up, the actor walked onto the stage, and with great passion, he delivered the line; “Ah, the sweet aroma of my mistress”.

The theatre erupted, the audience screamed with laughter… and the director was steaming! “You bloody fool!” he cried, “You have ruined me!”

The actor, quite bewildered, asked, “What happened, did I forget my line?” he asked.

“No!” the director screamed…. “You forgot the bloody rose!”


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