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A group of animals are playing

In a part of Las Vegas humans don’t know about, a group of animals are playing cards in Las Vegas… and arguing.

Lion: “Stop taking glances at my card, you’re a cheetah!” Cheetah: “No, you’re a Lion!” Warthog: “You guys are just ignoring the guy with the super long nose who can suck up cards while nobody notices.

” Elephant: “Well I wouldn’t be so hungry for cards if you weren’t HOGGING all the wings!” Warthog: “Tell that to the dude who thinks eating them will make him fly.

” Ostrich: “You can’t talk, you snort off of the table.

Also, will we just ignore the fact that one guy ate all the bananas?” Monkey: “Give me a break, I can’t even get dinner protein after they fixed all the bugs in the slot machines.

” Giraffe: “Why don’t you just steal leftovers from random plates like I do? You just lean over.

” The Dog at the table looks at all of them and rolls his eyes.

“Ugh, I knew I should have played with my usual crowd!”


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