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A priest, an Imam and an old Zen master meet in a park

A priest, an Imam and an old Zen master meet in a park.

The Imam says that his is the true faith. The Buddhist maintains Zen is key, while the Priest of course argues that Jesus is the way.

This went on for hours until finally the priest says, “let’s settle this once and for all.

We all jump off a cliff, and whoever’s God saves him will we know that theirs is the true faith.

” After thinking about it, the other two agreed.

They found a cliff and the Imam went first. As he jumped, he shouted “Aaaaaaalllllllaaaaaa….” SPLAT! Both were shocked but not surprised.

They said their prayers for the Imam and continued.

The Buddhist Zen master went next and, as he stepped off the roof, he chanted quietly “zen, zen, zen, zennnnnn…” while utterly calm, he imagines himself as light as a feather… and indeed, his fall starts to slow down until he lands lightly, unharmed.

Giving a relaxed smile to the Priest, he gestured to the cliff for his turn.

The priest was unperturbed.

Taking a few minutes to compose himself, he then took his leap of faith: “Jeeeeeesssssuuuusssssssss…. zen zen zen zen zen zen zen zen…”


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